Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playing with HDR

So today, I decided to play around with the HDR capabilities of my camera.  I set up this little egg thing I have in some christmas grass to see how it would turn out.  First up are the three images I used to merge to the HDR photo.  These are taken at a couple different settings to get the shadows and higlights.  I have a hard light hiting the back to help blur out the background more.

After merging the photos in photoshop, I did a tiny bit of color tweaking, but not much.  Here is the final product.  Looks pretty good if you ask me.


Ghost said...

Did I give you that weird Egg? also... what the heck are you feeding Lucy"fur"? I know you put her on a diet awhile back, but she's pretty "fluffy"!

Michael King said...

You did actually. I love it - probably my favorite decoration in my whole place.
And she's still on a diet, but keeps getting fluffier. I think its cause she's an indoor kitty now. She needs a bath too.